Hoyt Invicta 37 DCX for Sale - Sold



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I shoot both target and 3D and keep a separate bow for each style. My current 3D set-up is a PSE Supra RTX EM and for target I have a 2021 Hoyt Invicta 37 DCX. It makes more sense to me to shoot the same cam for both styles so I have recently bought a PSE Citation 36 EM to use for target. I am therefore looking to sell my Invicta. My main target style is barebow and I haven't had this bow very long and so have only shot probably 500 arrows with it, in fact it has a brand new set of limbs on it which have only had 6 arrows shot (the previous limbs received a knock which chipped the edge of one so a full new set had to be fitted), it is also fitted with a set of Reign strings and cables.

The Invicta has 50Ib limbs and the No 1 Cam so giving draw lengths of 24.5"- 26". It is immaculate condition with no marks or scratches. It of course comes with the interchangeable grip system, three spare limbs are of course also available.

I'm only looking for £600 for the bow (the new limbs were £360), plus shipping costs.

20220826_142928.jpg 20220826_143011.jpg 20220826_143350.jpg
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