HT / HS vs BHR


Hi all.
I been in field archery just over a year and shoot , HT / HS (wooden arrows), and recently took part in the UKIFAC, which is an IFAA shoot, however I had to compete with others using carbon arrows and shooting 3 fingers under

Do you think the IFAA will recognise HS / HT in future? or will they just cater for wooden arrows in the AFB class.



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Happy too,

they are just two seperate organisations with there own distinct rules and styles The IFAA apeares to be much more compitition basted, im not sure what the refrence to HS is but HT is an nfas catagory
and the NFAS is UK only where the IFaa is a world body and likes to set its own rules and as far as i can tell is geared towards shooting "faces/Bunnies" with mostlly (but not exclusivlly) carbon arrows

Lastlly its just a gut feeling


HS is an EFAA term for shooting wooden arrows on a recurve, so I guess it is similiar to HT