Ian Mycroft English Longbows For Sale.


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I have two English Longbows made by the bowyer Ian Mycroft and bought through The Longbow Shop.

Having come to archery at the tender age of 60 they were purchased to help build up my strength and technique to shoot a heavier 54# bow to achieve the clout distance.

Now that I can do that (after an enforced layoff due to a hernia) I'd like them to be used by someone else rather than sit away in the spare room.

In detail:

32lb at 27".
Right Hand.
Bamboo, Purpleheart and Lemonwood.
Leather grip.
Purchased April 2021.

This comes with a set of 8 used homemade wooden arrows.

41lb at 28".
Right Hand.
Bamboo, Ipe and Lemonwood.
Purchased December 2020.

This comes with a set of 6 used homemade wooden arrows.

Original price for each of these was £300.

I'm asking £200 for each of them and it includes the arrows.

Photos available on request

CV11 Postcode.

Many thanks for viewing.