Ianseo Scoring App goes Mobile


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May be already here somewhere but Ianseo have released an Android app for uploading tournament scores to a server running their tournament application.

While I can't see a county/club tournament forking out for phones/tablets at each target the program can input multiple target data using single data logger so potentially useful for "shooting line score collection". If you have a computer + wifi and say a tablet available then zero cost and saves a lot of paper shuffling.

Manual (with relevant references) here http://www.ianseo.net/Release/ISKLiteQuickStartGuide-v1.0.pdf


We used Ianseo at the Las Vegas Amsterdam shoot last October to keep scores. 1 person phone score & 1 person good old pen&paper scoring. P&P in case automation goofed up, and leading when inconsistencies were found. The organizers provided a wifi network, install Ianseo from the store on you own phone, provide code printed on your scoresheet (or QR scan) and go.
It was interesting to see almost everyone looking at the projected score sheet to see where they were after each scoring round.