Initial Impressions with My First High End Limbs



To date I have owned 40lb 70" Mybo Synergy Carbon limbs (Mk 1 version) and Fivics Vellator limbs 32lb 70" (I also have some Hoyt Traditional medium limbs - 840s in a different guise I believe). All seem very decent to me, but I prefer the Mybos of the lot, because they feel punchier and bit crisper at the release (they are heavier at 40lb, but they definitely have a different character that I personally like more). I was looking for a 70" limb around 2lb heavier than my Vellators (and hopefully a bit quicker on top of the extra poundage) and was about to go for Uukha EX1 Evo2 limbs, when some MK Archery Mach X limbs came up second hand online, at 34lb 70", and at the same price as new Uukha EX1s. I figured the Mach X were probably the smarter buy, especially as they were in great condition.

I have only had an initial shoot with the Mach X limbs with arrows that were a bit stiff (from a heavier bow), but I was blown away. I wasn't expecting this kind of difference compared to my existing limbs.

When I first picked them up I was amazed how light they were. 174g per limb. My 2lb lighter draw Vellators (32lb 70") are 255g with small limbsavers, so probably about 240 otherwise. The Mach X are much more rigid laterally speaking and have a slimmer profile and are much thinner. Its not hard to imagine that they'll prove quite a lot quicker than just the 2lb draw weight increase over the Vellators.

Without adjusting tiller (which was a bit too negative, as the riser is set up for other limbs) or brace height (was too high, using string from another bow), several things struck me:

These limbs are very quick for their poundage and the draw is super smooth. They are more aggressive than the Vellators (which I am happy about, as I prefer this quality in my Mybo synergy carbon limbs).

They are very quiet and settle instantly after the shot. Vibration... well, there isn't any. Without getting tiller right, tuning, or fitting limbsavers, or correctly spined arrows, the bow was quieter than my best tune with the Vellators.

The lateral rigidity makes the limbs more forgiving. Just shooting 30 shots or so made that clear. I could fluff the release and the arrows still went pretty close to where I had hoped. I fin the Vellators a little more challenging than my Mybos in this regard. They are lighter and so less forgiving of a poor release, but they also seem very elastic and soft at the back end. I shoot barebow BTW, hence no reference to a clicker.

I suppose a set of limbs that retail at about ?570 should be better than limbs that cost a third of that, but I wasn't expecting them to feel so much better on all fronts. The saddest part of this is that I now know what expensive limbs feel and shoot like and that may prove..... expensive in the long run.

I'll post more in due course. I will be putting together a set of Victory 3DHV 500s to shoot with the Mach X at around 7gpp for 3D and will see how it goes.