Is anyone here a judge ?



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I attended an AGB webinar this week on “becoming a judge”, something I have considered for a few years.

As the bulk of the participants seemed to already be judges of varying levels it wasn’t exactly what o was expecting or hoping for when I booked on to it.

It is suggested that one should look to their county for initial help & advice but currently Kent Archery Association appear to have ceased to exist, even more so has their coaching group.

Just wondered what any forum members experiences of the process were and exactly how much study is required for the roles of regional and National coaches. The AGB site is not the greatest at providing specifics on this topic.


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Cant help yu with archery, was a candidate UIT ( olympic pistol) judge some years back. All straightforward until it got to having to be assistant judge at international events. that made it beyond me financially and as it was compulsory to do that to be a judge in the UK alone I had to drop out. It was never made clear at the onset what was compulsory and what was just advantageous.
I suspect that for AGB it will be much less onerous but that may preclude the requirements for WA judges programme. I suspect the best person to talk to is a judge but we dont have one at our club and nor do the other nearby clubs. I can ask our county secretary (Sussex) if you wish.
bit late to the party - but only just seen this -

The requirements for each grade are set out here (pages 5 to 7)

For more information, you may want to discuss with the Judges officer at Archery GB via [email protected]

In short though, as regional judges can run WRS 70m/50m events with no H2H attached to them you would need to have a working knowledge of both WA and Archery GB rules - but not the bits that apply to Elimination / Finals rounds. National Judges need to have the knolwedge of Elimination and finals rounds as they will be in charge of a WRS head to head event. The theory tests that are sat, test the instant recall rules (bouncers, timing, passthough, equipment for example) where as there are some situations that would require you to be referring to the rule books which are things more covered in the practical seminar session delivered before any test.

Its a lot more structured than it used to be, there are now in person sessions and online training resources to make sure the base level of knolwedge for each level is available to be learnt, outside of your own study of the rules (both WA and AGB)

If you are interested in moving into the judging world (and i can say it is a worth while experience myself) then contact [email protected] or your local Judge Liason officer - which for SCAS is [email protected]