Jager Grips - two different types


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Sorry for bringing an old thread back to life but better than starting a new one!f

If any of you Jager grip owners are still here... I just got a Jager Low 2.0 for my Hoyt Buffalo.

I'm a RH shooter.

But the grip feels very comfortable in my right hand, not at all in my left! The corner of the cutaway digs into my left palm.

I'd show you photos but the upload system here is useless...

Go out to the Jager website and look in the FAQ area. The owner specifically address the feel of one of the RH grips after receiving questions such as yours. He says he has received emails from customers asking if they shipped a LH grip instead of a RH one because it feels better in the LH.

I just ordered a Jager 3.0 in High and am really looking forward to getting it.