Kings of Kelso 1970s bow for sale

Kings of Kelso (now Border Archery) left-hand 66” recurve bow with a draw weight of 36lbs at 26”

Original owner passed away in 2004 and his bow was stored in the attic for twenty years prior to that, so no action for forty years or more.

The taped section has been removed and a two inch length of the cream laminate is split as shown in the final photo.

Make me an offer, otherwise it's off to the local amenity disposal site, if no good.

As you can tell, I know nothing about the subject. But maybe someone out there does and appreciates the old gal. What is it worth?

Thanks for looking.



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Judging from position of tape would suggest it's delaminating at the fade (very common on these older bows)
& likely to break there if braced let alone shot .... so likely a wall-hanger rather than a shooter.
'70 bow with all the connotations of old glue, storage in adverse conditions, etc.
Apart from the usual glib answer, £5-£10 but it would cost more than that to ship so you'd need tell us where you are so someone
nearby may inspect and/or collect ;-) .... unless someone with deep pockets desperately wants it.