Korean horn bow stringing and shooting guide book



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Just thought I'd pass this along in case any one here was curious regarding how to string and shoot this very traditional type of recurve for the very first time. Best:

Description: This book serves as a manual or reference guide for stringing and shooting one of the most difficult of all the traditional Asiatic horn composite bows to master: the gak-gung or traditional Korean horn bow. The emphasis is on stringing presented in a step-by-step manner. Common obstacles and difficulties are discussed, as well as appropriate maintenance measures and the tools needed to successfully string the bow. The book is particularly aimed at those outside of Korea who wish to own and shoot a gak-gung. It is also useful for those simply wishing to better understand horn composite bow maintenance and stringing as the principles presented are generally applicable to nearly all other Asiatic horn composite bows. Characteristics unique to the gak-gung are also covered. Includes a total of 32 figures in full color showing the tools needed, Korean horn bow types, and of course the stringing process.

Link:Gak-gung: A guide to stringing and shooting the traditional Korean horn bow: Rifkin, Matthew J.: 9798588762298: Amazon.com: Books