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if uk sport are trying to make all sports equal on their level 1,2,3,4,5 courses.

and that people are saying that a level 2 rugby coach is the same as a level 2 archery coach.

check out level 1 and level 2 here

the course is ?450 for level 2

Fitness instructor courses

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The info is a bit sketchy but the course outline (or whatever it is) does not impress me. Note very little entry requirements...

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Indeed. Seems to be overly concerned with how to
develop good customer service and personal qualities required by the exercise and fitness industry and an awareness of health and safety in an exercise and fitness environment
with little emphasis on how to teach exercise stuff.

$450 doesnt sound bad though. Archery coaching qualifications are usually delivered much more cheaply, but only because it relies heavily on unpaid volunteers.

Wait a few months until the new tutor instructor grade takes over.
With just 70 people (archery gb's figures) to do the whole country's level1 training which will include delivery of much of the cpd stuff, it wont be long before qualified people realise the business potential and work out that there is good money to be made?
I certainly thought long and hard about it and the ca$h I could make definately carried a lot of weight.

There are a small number of people who make a very tidy sum training archery leaders on a commercial basis, and why not indeed?!
Supply and demand and all that. Who would you go to to buy your next bow? A professional dealer or an amateur who sells bows in his spare time but can get you one a bit cheaper?