Light Training Bow

I've often read & heard that it's a good idea to practice Recurve Form with a lighter training bow, so I'm thinking of getting myself one.

I'm pulling 40 lbs on my current bow - any suggestions as to what weight limbs would be a good idea for a light training bow ?

The bow that I'm considering has limbs from 16 lbs upwards.


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I bought a cheap, unbranded white limbed bow at 24 lbs to practice with. Normally I shoot 40 lbs


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I really don't get this rush by coaches to put established archers on a light wooden training bows

When we train we are training and teaching our subconscious to shoot arrows.

I would have thought that just getting a set of lighter limbs and matched arrows is more productive to help with form changes,. The subconscious is not freaked out with having to come to terms with a completely different bow, hand grip, string picture sight etc and even feel of the shot.

So often I have seen archers get a new piece of form sorted with a trainer bow and then struggle to translate it to their competition bow.

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As above: learn form changes with a light bow, or when injured. Everything else, shoot normal poundage. Even indoors.
Thanks for those replies.
Yes, it's very much just to get me though a form change - so any suggestions as to what sort of poundage would still be much appreciated.


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If you shoot 40lb bow normally, practicing a form change with a radically lower poundage bow may not then easily transfer to the higher weight bow, as the draw cycle and muscle transfer would feel completely different. I normally shoot a 42Ib recurve, but have a set of 30Ib limbs for any injury recovery and occasional form practice. I certainly would not go below 24-26Ib in your case .