Limb advice

looking for advice/opinion.... I've been working away a bit so have a bit extra cash which I'd like to buy some new limbs with.... what do you all think?

Currently shooting long limbs @34lb. Draw weight around 40/41lb due to my monkey arms.

I was intrigued by the uukha VX and xx limbs but am confused slightly by the extra long options (I'm 6'3 but shoot with a 25inch riser) . I've heard good things about borders...but the curve creeps me out. Hours? Any others?


wiawis are nice but be aware they are measured at 26" so the weight on the fingers is more if your draw length is longer. MY 36lb limbs are 40 lbs off at 28"

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Measured at 26 to the button, whereas everyone else measures to the throat of the grip + 1.75" (industry standard) so not much in it.