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I'm now primarily a compound shooter, but I used to shoot recurve, and as a result my recurve gear is sitting gathering dust. I keep getting cravings to shoot recurve, but the problem is that my old limbs (Winex's, short, 40lbs) are just too heavy! I could manage them ok when I was shooting recurve multiple times a week and doing drawings/ shooting at home, but as something that I just want to be able to pick up and shoot, they're no good.

So I've been looking around for some new 36lb limbs to shoot, and I've narrowed the choice down to 3 sets:

Samick Masters

I've shot Winacts and G3s before, and got on fine with both of them, but I haven't decided whether the difference in performance between the G3's and the Winacts justify the ~?70 difference in price. With the Masters I have 2 problems,

1: I've never tried them, and won't be able to, and

2: I've heard that Samick limbs weigh in 2lbs heavier than marked, and the only limbs available are marked as 36lbs, so might actually be heavier than I'm looking for.

So really I'm after three things from the good folks of AIUK, namely what are people's opinions of the Samick Masters, do they really weigh in 2lbs heavier than marked, and what would you do if you were in my position?!

P.S. Before anyone says it, I'd love to get some Borders, but they don't list any in the size/ weight I'm after, and I've heard the waiting period for a new set of Borders is really rather long...


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Another vote for Winact, assuming Border definitely don't have what you need. There's a reason it's been in the W&W line up for so long.


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I saw a set of Winacts blow up last weekend - but that's the first time I've seen such a failure in these limbs - they're great value for money and *normally* very robust!


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Thanks for all the responses so far! :)

Well, I've dropped Sid an email just in case they have a pair of TXB's lying around in the right specs, but there wasn't anything on the list of limbs for sale on their website.

I must say, I'm slightly suprised by the strength of the recommendation for the Winacts so far. I'm well aware that they're good limbs, In fact my first pair of limbs were a pair of 36lb Winacts, (and they still hold a couple of records from my old Uni club!), so I know that they can perform, I'm just slightly suprised that there hasn't been more support for the G3s or the Masters.

I should also point out that as I have quite a short face, speed is desirable as otherwise I struggle to get a sightmark for 90m, if that makes a difference to anyone's opinion...


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Masters limbs aren't very common in the UK. Not sure why - I think it might be a distribution issue.


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Sorry, didn't say that before, whichever set of limbs I get will be new (and the G3's are just over 260 on merlin ;) )


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That's a fair point about the Masters, but I've still seen enough pairs around on the shooting line that I would have thought there must be someone on here that has opinion of them compared to one or both of the other two options!


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Well, Border got back to me and unfortunatley they only have 33lbs and 38lbs in limbs within my price range, and I'd rather not wait the 6 weeks a new set will take (but my thanks to Sid for getting back to me so quickly).

I do have a question about how marked limb weights are measured though. I've read multiple times that, in the same riser, W&W's are approximatley 2lbs heavier than Hoyts, because one measures limbs with the bolts all the way out, whilst the other measures with them half way in.

I have also read multiple times that a set of limbs in a hoyt riser with the limb bolts half way in will weigh the same as when they are in a W&W riser with the bolts all the way out (i.e., for the same bolt position, W&W risers add ~2lbs to the limbs).

In both cases the posters of these facts claim to have tested them there and then with risers/ limbs they have in their possession.

I have an SF riser, which certainly seems to make the same set of limbs feel heavier than in my partner's Matrix, but equally when I went from 40lb FXs to 40lb Winexs, the Winexs felt heavier.

So if I were to get G3s, what poundage would I need compared to what I'd need with the W&Ws? The same, or 2lbs lighter? Also how do Border get to the marked weight on their limbs? Might it be that 38lb borders would weigh the same as 36lb Winacts in the same riser?

Sorry for all the questions! :)

P.S. one more question: The border limbs are Amethyst.... is that purple? I'm not sure I fancy the idea of purple limbs... *runs away before the purple mafia arrive*


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Amethyst isn't purple. It's the grey with a hint of silver which I am told looks *slightly* purple in a certain light... although I can't see it. :)

I've had Border and W&W limbs in my PSE and Hoyt risers. In all cases, the limbs gave the marked weight at 28in in:

- the Hoyt risers with the limb bolts half way in; and in
- the PSE risers with the limb bolts all the way out.

I've no experience with setting up Samick limbs, I'm afraid. Hope this helps.


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Cheers John, that's useful info (particularly the Amethyst info! I googled it to see the colour and was more than a little horrified at the thought of limbs that colour!)

I shall have to do some pondering about the CXBs, as the 38s will be heavier than I wanted, but the 33's would all the way in might do the job. I shall have a chat with Border and see if they think that's wise.

Failing that it might have to be G3s, as I don't fancy having to invert my sight again for 90m...

Thanks for your help!