Wanted Limbs for 1994 Marksman KG1 Recurve wanted


The Meteor was around at the same time as the KG1. I had a feeling that it was a KG1 with a different livery, it had a metal badge on the lower section of the riser;the KG1 had a plate around the button area with the name on. I vaguely remember seeing one and thinking it was a KG1 until I looked at it more closely.
P.S. my memory is not as gud as it woz, but at leeset Eye Kan still Speel GK1


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Thanks both for your information, so it sounds like I am unlikely to find limbs that are interchangeable with the KG1?

Thanks again


A straight fit would be unlikely. The Impala limbs, with a tweak, would probably allow you to shoot the bow again. Some of the beginners bows, have limbs that would fit and would need a peg fitting into them in the right place. I'm guessing that perhaps the beginners limbs might be a step down from the KG1 that might not sit well in the sentimental aspect. Keith Gascoine, with his connection to Marksman seems like the way to go. But not bespoke limbs; Impala limbs with a tweak. I guess he makes those limbs, with no fittings during the laminating stage. Last job would be to add the fittings; a barrel for the limb bolt and a peg for alignment. That part could be bespoke for your KG1.
I met him twice, once at Marksman where he sold me my Portland 2000. And once at his own workshop where he arranged to send me an all carbon riser compound. I had to return the bow, but what impressed me was that he did not charge me anything for posting the bow down to me, and without asking, he refunded all of the price of the bow.
He might not have time to modify the Impala limbs, but he might sell you a pair in their unfinished state.


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dave_t, the problem with KG1s is avoiding Portland limbs. There are lots and lots of Portland limbs out there and not so many KG1 limbs. I don't know which bow they are originally off but anyone who says that no portland limbs fit a KG1 is wrong. I will look to see if I've got any close to what you want.
Checked - nope, sorry.


Not sure where this thread got as it seem to deviate a fair bit from the OP, but:

the Portland wooden riser with Portland limbs is compatible with the KG1 metal riser with KG1 limbs.
i.e. they are interchangeable. Not sure about the Meteor.

The Portland 2000 metal riser with Portland 2000 limbs is not compatible with anythying else.

Interestingly, i recently discovered that the WTD77 limbs had the same bolt & pin configuration as the TD75
although the actual fit is aesthetically unpleasing as due to the limb being short on the riser at one and & overhanging the other