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would you find it useful to have a bow with limbs that are interchangeable with different bow types?
so a 1 handle that would fit recurve, English longbow and horsebow limbs.


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I'd find this interesting as the handles for all 3 of those bow types are quite different e.g. A recurve is more a pistol style grip that fits the hand, whilst the ELB is a continuation of the bow itself, and a horse bow is curved, and again is usually a continuation of the bow itself.

You might be limited in design as well as ELB under AGB/BLBS rules have limits on bow shape and as an ELB needs to be wood how would you retain it in the handle without damaging the wood?


I didn't think an ELB could have detachable limbs. The closest you can get is a carriage bow (joined in the middle).


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But why? Is it a design project or similar? If you explain your position / motives better you will get a lot more worthwhile feedback.

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Not really, it would lead one onto the path of man made materials, nuts, bolts and fibre glass.
I do have one half of a take-down bow to which I may add a totally different style limb to make a weird hybrid just for novelty/experimental purposes.
Mechanically, reliability is inversely proportional to the number of parts... simple is best.
Here one being made... and then smashed! :)
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It's probably quicker to make two bows than to make what you describe and there could possibly be confusion regarding what class such a bow would be shot under... especially if you had a horse bow lower limb and a longbow limb as the upper ;)

"Industrial" design implies mass production as well as the stylistic side of it.That's more applicableto a modern recurve. Longbows and real horsebows are hand built, or made in small batches.