[American Flatbow] Long draw length, light poundage, ?100 - ?200 AFB?


I currently shoot recurve with a 72" bow, 32# (@28") limbs, 30" draw length.

Im looking for a bow to use for field shooting. I'd also like to try instinctive shooting. I have a horsebow, but there's far too much shock in my bowhand.

I thought an AFB might be suitable. Somewhere between ?100 and ?200, ideally. What would you recommend that I'll give a smooth shot at 30"?

I'm currently looking at the Bearpaw Blackfoot.


To answer my own question - just in case somebody looks at it later...

A friend let me try his two flatbows a Ragim Something (Fox???) and a Buch Trail Blackhawk. The Buck Trail was noticeably better.

So I took myself to Aim archery and tried the Buck Trail Vulture - and fell in love with it.

Used it in anger for the first time yesterday and, while I've still got a lot to learn, it did better than I expected.