longbow stand


hi all, been thinking about the outside season. last year I used one of the club spike stands, it was alright just a bit wobbly. this year I am thinking of making my own. which is better, laying horizontally where everyone walks into it or upright and hanging where i might walk into it and knock it off . if upright should it hang clear of the ground or lean on the stand. what do other long stick people use?


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Most people use a stick topped with a bit of antler or horn. Often this has some sort of base or pocket for the bow to keep it off the ground, but also as often the end nock sits on the ground.
If vertical they aren't often walked into as people can see them more easily and they are easily to manoeuvre around, if horizontal it'll get knocked/kicked more because unlike a recurve it's not got a rod poking up.


A couple of LB shooters at our club use fishing rod rests with a flexible plastic 'fork' where the rod sits, which grips the bow handle. It keeps the bow about 18" off the ground and within peoples sight range.


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You could go for cheap vertical DIY

As the sap has yet to properly rise, head out to a bit of woodland and select a 5-6' straight forked branch. A spot of work with a tree saw / lopper and a pruner to take off side shoots.

Centre drill the flat end with a 6mm bit and epoxy in a deheaded 6" nail.

Voila - a perfect free longbow stand :)