Wanted Longbow


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I have a Gary Evans Excelsior for sale 55# @ 28. Bamboo back and belly.
Looking for ?450


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I have a Darrell Hutchins selfbow Ash, [email protected]. can be draw to 30'. ?190. As new condition. Smooth and distinct. Flat broad limbs, stiffened outer limbs, somewhat Holmegaaard like. Hutchins was a highly regarded american bowyer and teacher of bow building seminars.
Lukas Nawalny Ipe/ash longbow, [email protected]. ?200. As new.
Lukas Nawalny Hickory Angular sinewed with suede backing. [email protected]. ?180. Ligthly used. Camelot Archery in Poland. He makes fine bows and hornbows too.
"Broken Arrow", unknown american bowyer. Black cobra skin on the back, suede handle, cut in arrow shelf (right-handed) and birch bark on the back near the handle. ? 140. [email protected]
"Gila & Co" by late Jeremiah Ruterford, a famous american self bow bowyer that holds many records in flight shooting hunting arrow class. This one is a smooth rawhide backed hickory selfbow with cut in arrowshelf. [email protected]. ?200. It do not have his signature oddly but I bought it off the widow together with 3 other bows that had his mark, and I have had his other bows before so there is no doubt it is his work.

I have some other bows too but they are in other weights or prices. If interested I can send pics. Prices are excluded shipping.