For Sale Looking to sell the following kit - Price check if possible


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Hi All,
I have the following equipment that I have to sell. All equipment is in reasonable condition.

Riser - SF Forged Plus Recurve Riser
Limbs - SF Elite Fibre Foam 70" @ 32#
Shibuya DX Gold coloured Button
Shibuya ultimate rest
Avalon Tec One Sight

Stabiliser -
Long Rod - Cartel CR Carbon Sabiliser @ 28" with flexball
Short Rod - 2 x Cartel CR Carbon Stabilisers @ 8" with flexball
Vbar - 1 x Cartel V-Bar
Extender - 1 x Cartel CR Extender

Arrows -
12x ACG @ 610R @ 29.75" AMO

Accessories -
Soma Saker 1 Tab
SF B92 Tarpaulin Backpack - Blue
Win and Win TY Bowstand
Basic stringer,
Mac 350 Quiver (right handed)

I also have the following bag target - Mybo Hotshot 90cm

All equipment is in good condition. I am looking for a rough price check please.


You'd get the best price listing everything on Ebay as separate items. I reckon after fees and postage you'd probably come away with around ?400 > ?450. If you listed everything as a set then you may have to aim lower. If you're willing to ship the equipment that would certainly help you get a better price.
Hi Callummac, have you already sold your equipment? I'm looking to purchase some SF limbs and am interested in the Elite Fibre Foam (right length and poundage). Not sure if you decided on selling as one or individually.


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