Looking to up my poundage


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I am a 17 year old male looking to go to 26 pound limbs from 20 pound limbs. The issue is my riser is the 21 inch axiom which as I'm sure you all know is quite short for a riser.I have tried multiple different configurations at my club and have so far come up with 2 options:
1. Buy a new 25 inch riser (I feel this is the safest option but the most expensive)
2. Get a new 59 inch string to fit a set of medium 26 pound limbs a friend has
I want to be as future proofed as possible which I feel will lead to my getting a new riser now or in the future but I thought I would see what everyone thought.

Thank you for any and all help


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The 20# limbs on a 25”riser may be too light for you. 26# limbs on a 25” riser would only be (in theory) 2# heavier actual draw than your 20# limbs on a 21” riser. Usually the limbs draw roughly 2# heavier for every 2” shorter on the riser. (But it does vary riser to riser). If somebody has direct experience of the Axiom please correct me!

I‘d say buy a 25” riser and borrow the limbs. Depends on your draw length but if you are over 26” then the 21” riser is already a bit short. 25” will probably go as far as you need it to (unless you hit 6ft 6” and have long arms).There are lots of good and nice looking risers in the beginner/intermediate range. These can be even better value second hand. Pair those with your friends limbs and you’d have a 2# increase in weight. Buy an adjustable riser and you can wind it up a bit as you go.

eBay is a good but not always safe place to buy secondhand. However, if you are looking for advice on anything you see you could always ask on here. You do occasionally see something that should no longer be offered for sale.



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Good advice here. I agree, buy a 25" riser, at 17 it's possible you haven't yet stopped growing. Like Stretch said, there are some good beginner/intermediate risers around these days. I use and recommend the WNS Motive FX, this is an excellent riser that is comfortable to shoot with good damping and limb adjustment. It should last you plenty of years. Price is anywhere around the £185 - £220 depending on the supplier, I got mine from AS, I believe they are the cheapest.