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I've just started at a club, though have some experience of archery. I'm looking to get my first bow and someone at the club has offered to sell me his Marksman Portland 2000. It looks like a decent bow and shoots amazingly well (compared to the trainer bow I was using) but I'm not sure about the cost.

Does anyone know how much the Portland 2000 sold for new? I can't find any information about it and would love to know how good a deal I have.



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Take a look at ebay - there's a couple just sold recently -
eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
at ?132 sounds way over the top to me.
eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
at ?49 that's more like it - but was collect only.
If you're careful you shouldn't spend too much - I picked up mine for ?50 + P&P,
but that was a year or so ago & I think sellers & buyers on ebay are/have got greedy & stupid.
For circa ?50-?60 you should be able to get a new TD with either wood or metal riser & the appropriate weight limbs
(non ILF , but still S1 compatible).
That should be the kind of price you offer your seller for his Portland 2000 assuming it's ok &
appropriate spec. for you - remember you'll likely have to go to the 2nd hand market for any change of limbs.
Obviously you might adjust your price based on accesories etc. that come with the bow esp. a set of matched arrows.


The Portland 2000 had a price that varied with the limbs you chose.
?433.33 with standard limbs
?574.36 with carbon limbs. Those are 1993/4 prices from Quicks archery.
Geoff's Prices look about right. I bought my P2000, second hand from Marksman about 15 years ago. Its a nice bow to shoot and I still use it along with my Samick/W&W combination. Remember that new limbs are no longer available for it. Well, That's not strictly true as Border made me some specials some years ago but I had to pay extra as the limb/riser interface was different. So, if the price is right and the limbs are in good conditition then buy it and enjoy it for a year or so before you, perhaps, move on to something newer.

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If any of you Portland shooters are interested, I have a pair of gold limb bolts and a right hand wooden grip! PM me with offers!!!!


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Hi ,
To answer your question re the price of a Portland 2000 , the price Marksman were charging in their 1991 catalogue was
Bow with carbon limbs complete with Std H.D. bolts and grip ?488-50
" " Glass " " " " " " " " ?368-50
" " Carbon " " " TFC " " " " ?508-10
" " Glass " " " """ " " " " ?388-10

T.F C Means Torque Flight Converter

One thing to consider is that all modern bows now use international limb fittings , Portland bows don't accept these .
I hope this is of help .

I hope this helps.

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Barry .

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And Border don't make limbs for other non ILF bows any more, so replacements will have to be second hand. Look for chips cracks and dings on the limb finish, especially at the tips. Check the bow when it is strung - you should be able to line the string down the centre of the riser - if it appears to go diagonally you may have a problem.
It was a very good bow in it's day but you should look at is as a stepping stone to a more modern bow simply because if you can manage the limb weight now you will probably want to up the poundage and you may struggle to get what you need. If you keep them for a longer period and shoot a lot you'll probably wear them out or they'll give up the ghost on you and the same problem will arise.


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How much it sold for originally is irrelevant. They are nice bows, fast and relatively easy to tune. They are a bit collectible mainly for reasons of nostalgia. I’d expect them to sell for £100 to £150 depending on condition. Any more than that and you’re better off with a £200 bow from a current budget range. If those delaminate or crack then you have come back.