Mass shooting with bow...


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My belief is, like almost all simple weapons, it was developed as a hunting weapon originally. For shooting from cover and keeping a shot ready to discharge at a moment’s notice without movement that might spook the quarry.

This is my speculation. There is little evidence for crossbows existing before c500 bc. Around that time, quite a few in China and the Greek gastraphetes in Europe. However I think they existed in simple forms for a long time before then. Being made of entirely organic materials, they just haven't survived.

A simple wooden bow lashed to a tiller, with a rising peg trigger, is easy to make with basic tools. It's inconceivable to me that they weren't tried here and there in the Bronze age and eariler.

If you're making a bow, you need to see how it's bending. You can do that by just bending it against the ground or a tree but it's far better if you have a tiller stick. If you've made one of those you've got 90% of a crossbow.


It's unlikely to lead to any change in the law in my opinion. While there was an initial reporting of a mass shooting with a bow, it turned out not to have been the main weapon. Bows make a crappy weapon for going on a rampage, with so many easier ways to do harm. Archery as a club sport, and even as a back-garden activity, doesn't produce a lot of tragedies, fewer by far than things like stairs and power tools. I think we can take a certain amount of pride, collectively, in having made archery a safe, accessible thing for people to do.