Maximal Edge Arrows - opinions


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What do members think of the Maximal Edge carbon arrows for a compound beginner?


Well, no experience of those particular ones but I do own some Avalon Tec Ones which are from the same "group of brands" (Avalon, Maximal, Buck Trail etc. are all brands of SSA Archery). I've been very impressed with them for the price paid (which was really not a lot, ?40 for dozen bare shafts from Alternative). No breakages yet (apart from a Robin Hood, where the nock pin saved the arrow!), and they group exceedingly well at 18 m from my recurve. The Edge are what are sometimes called "standard diameter" carbon arrows which take the Easton S-Nock and equivalent, while the Tec Ones are skinnier, well suited to long range target shooting where all-carbon is allowed. I think it's reasonable to assume that Avalon and Maximal arrows are sourced from the same place, so they should be reasonable quality. In short, yes I'm sure they'll be fine for a compound beginner.


I am shooting the Carbon Edge with my compound, namely the 400 spine. Nothing bad to report yet.
If you hit stones or metal, they are done. But that is to be expected with a >= 50 ft-lbs compound, enough to disintegrate any arrow.
I'm shooting almost one year now, and my groups depend only on my form, not the equipment. A .001 straightness arrow might make sense for a pro shooter, but not yet for me.

I had tried 600 spine arrows with my horsebow, because the Maximal arrows are 33", and I need at least 32".
All still intact, but I shoot them rarely, because for competitions I'm required to shoot wood arrows with that bow.


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HI Roger did you get the maximal edge arrows how did they do, thinking of getting some myself, or the avalon skinnies not shaw what yet


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They?re fine! Just check they are all actually the same spine, regardless of labelling. My pack of 350s had one suspected 700 in there, labelled 350, but weighing in 100gn lighter and clearly whippier than my 600s for recurve.

My pack... mystery arrow aside..... are nice and straight and have little weight variation. They group very nicely, but a hair less well than my Black Eagle Carnivores at 60 yards or so. I used a slightly different fletching geometry so can?t be sure it?s the shafts. The Edge are an ideal arrow for 3D practice, where broken and lost arrows are common. I?d happily compete with mine too. They have the added bonus of being very light and fast. They?re a bargain and, as you say, despite not being the strongest arrow, they?re really no worse than other super light options and few arrows survive hitting anything hard from a compound anyway. Might as well smash a cheap arrow!