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My daughter keeps asking to use my scope when she is shooting 30 or 40 yards. A scope seems a bit of an overkill but I agree that it is difficult to see where her tiny arrows have gone!

I thought a monocular might be better, less setup and should cover the distance.

I'm guessing a 10x25 would cover the distance.

I was thinking of something like the celestron nature 10x25 which is waterproof and about ?35.

But then the cheapy ones caught my eye on eBay. They start at about ?3 from China. Then there are some at around ?10-?20.

Any thoughts on whether the cheap ones would be up to the job? Or any thoughts on the celestron nature one?



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Celestron, Vortex, Hawke should all be up to the job but as they are respected manufacturers but watch for waterproofing as it also helps keep out dust and nitrogen prevents fogging. Chinese ones... I think is a case of luck, but I doubt they will be WP. I did a review of an ALDI scope a year or so ago expecting it to be crap. It was actually quite good, even up to 80yds. 100yds was okay but as it only cost ?25 or so, it was a throwaway bargain.
Today I'm, less likely to go for throwaway stuff but if you are on a budget, super cheap might do the job. Oh.. at 40m 10x or 8x should both be fine, but it will depend on optic quality.


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I use a Gosky 12x55 monocular up to 50 yards and one of their bigger scopes for the longer distances. For the money they?re very good

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My scope is an Aldi ?20 special! Been using it for a good couple of years with no issues at all. Works perfectly up to 70m and not bad at 90m. I've been chuffed with it!

Something of similar quality would be great!