Need some help with a bag/case


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So I don't drive and have to take my archery equpment on the bus and carry it the rest of the way.

It's about a mile or so to the bus station from my house, a 30 minute bus ride and then 5 minutes walking afterwards.

This used to be fine when I was shooting recurve as everything fitteded in to an SF Backpack, and although reasonably heavy was manageable.

My problem now is i am trying to use my compound bow, a Mathews C4. I have one of those semi-rigid Mybo messanger bags. Everything fits in the bag just fine but it weighs so much I really struggle to carry it, last time it hurt my arm. Think the bag is 5kg empty.

So I came up with the idea of getting one of those cases with wheels on but they all seem too small for my C4. My C4 is 41" ATA but about 43.5-44" inc cams. The one I was mainly looking at was the Everest 44, but only accomodates up to a 40 ATA?

Anyone know of any that would fit or have any other ideas.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Sell the compound and go back to recurve :) :)

Sorry I couldn't resist - Perhaps it might be worth looking outside of dedicated archery kit - my neighbours son has a padded bag for his cricket gear with a carry handle plus extra straps that convert it to a rucksack/backpack. As it holds his clothes, pads, bats and other paraphanelia within I would imagine a compound should fit without too much bother. He commutes by bus several times a week to both school and cricket practice with it.

I think it's made by New Balance & may have wheels too.