[Horsebow] New Kaya horsebow takes its first two kills tonight :)


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One dead brick in the back wall of the sports hall (OOPS!) and one dead 'boo arrow. That thing was MUCH pointier when I sent it out of the bow :)

Short bows really are quite sensitive to a fluffed release, aren't they?

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steve Morley

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The other day I thought I would compare my Saluki Ibex against my Tradtec Pinnacle with Winex limbs, both bows are 50# and shooting Heritge 150's with 125g points 5" helicals, 460g arrow, I plan to use these for Instinctive class in Fita 3D.

On paper I figured the Pinnacle with W&W Winex carbon\foam limbs should be faster and more stable, shooting platform and nice groups to 35y (Fita 3D 30m max) the Ibex has more radical reflex\deflex riser\limb geometry this makes the bow fast but you have to get hand placement just right and have a very good release, the biggest surprize was the Saluki appeared faster and the very small window made my split-vision aiming easier to zone in than the Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle is heavier riser and softer shooting and the Saluki a little more demanding but I shot them equally well, I still cant decide, think the Pinnacle is a safer option but the Saluki is such a cool bow and when I'm in the groove I shoot it very well.

When the warmer weather comes I will shoot some 3D's and compare scores and see which comes out the best, I'll add Longbow to the testing as well to see which best suits me.

Tradtec Pinnacle

Saluki Ibex and Turk (Ibex is longer and bigger riser)


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Another first for the horsebow...

GROUPS!!!! I shot groups!!! Actual clusters of arrows all in roughly the same place on the target!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!