new kit pic - spot the difference......

Thanks Chimp-man, close - but no cigar - it's just the angle - 2 side-rods are there, one is just behind the long-rod - you can see its shadow

it's sommat else! :poulies:
Nice top and bottom limb stabiliser rod bushes on the Uukha limbs :)
correctamundo Mr K - these are my Mk1 non-invasive design - purely surface-glued using methyl-acetate glue - after 4 hours setting time I managed to shoot a couple of dozen before it got dark - true test will be after 24hrs curing time.

they may fall off - but nothing tried - nothing gained

They were kindly made for me by Mr Latheman - excellent job and much appreciated - he capture exactly what I wanted

will post close ups separately - and report if they stay put or not (not too confident myself)

let's see
Clickers long rod ,not a Beiter
Sorry Jerry - don't understand? My main stabilisers are Beiter not Clickers - mounting on a shibby quick release V.

The novel thingy, as Mr k spotted, is the top and bottom short-rod bushes I fitted to the UUkha limbs. Like I say they may fall off - let's see (but I have a solution - just much more expensive) - cheers.