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Hi everyone 👋
First post on here having returned to archery after a couple of years break - I was luck to join a club that allowed plenty of shooting during my furlough (and plenty of help and encouragement) so really getting back into it.
Anyway I'm still using an entry level recurve sight so looking to upgrade in the near future - probably the Shibuya Ultima II Carbon or the WiaWis WS700.
Plenty of praise for the Ultima as the 'go-to' but has anyone any experience of the WS700? How does it compare?
Unfortunately there's no shops within suitable distance that stocks both so appreciate any input - or is there another choice you'd recommend?


Money no object, I'd recommend the axcel achieve XP. Absolutely bomb proof, a pleasure to use, wonderful details, and easy to adjust.
This was a purchase after many years of shooting and a treat/reward to myself however.

For you I would heartily recommend the Ultima.
I've shot an Ultima for over 10 years on recurve with no issues and it's still going strong as the day I got it.
I once had to replace a nylon ball bearing as it wore down over time and a grub screw I lost, but the great thing is Shibuya make most parts available for individual purchase so this was easy.

I have no experience with the WiaWis I'm afraid, but looking at images the micro adjust on the Ultima is going to be much nicer than on the WS700.
Assuming no major changes since I got mine in 2008 I 100% endorse the Ultima.

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I can recommend the Win and Win WS600 a very simple design but very well made.
This was my upgrade about two years ago from my second hand beginner sight; chosen because a reviewer said they used them for their recurve set up for years and nothing ever falls off. No problems so far and they are cheap for a 'proper' forever sight.
I couldn't really see the need to spend more on the WS700 or a lot more on the Ultima.
That said don't ignore the pleasure of having really nice stuff;)


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You really only see two sights used on the world stage, the Shibuya and the Axcel, more and more it's the Axcel which is predominating. I've had both and I have to say my current Axcel Achieve is as good as it gets. This is, as has been said, the money no object sight, but the Shibuya has probably won more gold medals than any other sight. So, of the two you mention it would have to be the Shibuya, (but maybe save a bit longer and get an Axcel :rolleyes: )


When I sold it on, the guy who bought it went from strength to strength. That was really annoying!
I guess it just didn't suit my style of shooting.


Merlin are currently doing the Ultima 2 for £255.92, and the WS700 for £217 so not much in it...

BUT if you didn't want to spend that much, have you thought about a Shibuya DualClick for £103 and spend the remaining money on your next limb upgrade? The Dualclick is also bullet proof, doesn't have the fancy windy knobs at the top but what does a sight need to do? Hold a sight pin at the place you put it while you shoot without moving, falling apart or loosing bits.... Dualclick does that, in fact a lot of Korean archers used to use them as they are simple.


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I have an Axcel but I bought it secondhand as they are quite simply over priced compared to the Shibuya. I liked the look of it, I fancied a change. I’d been shooting the Ultima for ... hmm 15 years maybe? Is it any better than the Ultima? Personally I don’t think so, I’ve owned 3, still own one and never had any issues. It holds sight pins, it moves up and down, it moves let and right, it stays put even on a bow that would vibrate your fillings loose. (Aerotec with FX limbs in my case ... many years ago).

However, as pointed out above, it won’t put your arrows in the middle any more than a dual click (I have one of those too but it is a dual click carbon extreme).

I wouldn’t drop the money on the WS700 personally. Too expensive for the feature set. I’d go for a Shibuya Ultima off eBay for approx £140. And if you have any desire to shoot longer distance I‘d get a MK1 as it has a longer front bar.

Due to the new snazzy Ultimas it looks like the older models are dropping in price secondhand as well. So that looks like a positive too (was going to say win-win but thought that would be confusing).

That’s where I’d put my money.