Newbie: Pinching arrow nock on draw.......


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Another question.

When I draw an arrow, I find it difficult to avoid pinching/touching the arrow nock/arrow shaft even though I use a platform tab with finger spacer.

I've trimmed the tab but find I still have to consciously keep my index finger and middle finger spread open.

At the moment I'm using short limbs on 25" riser. Would medium length limbs help with this problem or could it be some other factor in my form.

My draw length is only 26.5" and I'm using Easton XX75's with G Nocks.

Barry C

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Try building up the finger spacer, some do this by wrapping cotton plaster around it. But as a long term solution get 68 or 70 limbs.


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Snap the top off a target pin, tape that onto your spacer. Builds it out nicely. Also, make sure you're not doing too deep a hook on the string, because that can force them together...


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After a little trial and error, I found a ?1 coin and 20p coin taped together makes it about the right spacing between the fingers to avoid pinching the arrow nock.

Barry, will the extra 2" make enough of a difference, clearance wise?

Will probably change to 68" limbs when I get my poundage up.


Draw-arm alignment is also important. Too high or low an elbow can cause pinching.
Also, the longer the bow, the shallower the angle in the string at the nocking point at full draw, so there is less pressure of the string squeezing your fingers together. That's why the extra 2 inches would make sense.