Newbie Questions... Sorry..

branston pickle

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Hello all..

Sorry for the such basic questions..

I shot recurve quite a few years ago and ended up nocking (snigger) it on the head...

I have recently purchased a compound bow (bearcruzer G2) as I have some land I am able to hunt on after this corona madness has ended.

In short I need some help setting it up. It needs a peep sight which I believe I will need a press to fit. Then I also need some arrows made up but there are limited resources available at the moment.

The poundage should be approx 59lb / I have a 28.4 Draw length.

I have been recommended an Easton power flight 400 spine at 30 inch but this doesn't fit with the Easton arrow finder table.

Can anyone out there please help with advice and or set up?

Timid Toad

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Sorry to be a killjoy, but if you are in the UK you can't hunt anything, even vermin, with a bow, sorry.
Unfortunately you either need the resources of a shop or club for your peep. A shop will make up arrows to your spec.