Nose kisser illegal?

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a while back I put a small brass nock on my string where my nose touches as another reference point. A lapsed judge today suggested that this "might" count as an illegal sighting aid although I cant actually see it when the string is pulled into my face.
could a less lapsed judge hazard an opinion on the legality of this. I really like this reference point and would be sad to see it classified as naughty.


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You can't have a lip AND a nose kisser, but you can have one OR the other (at least for the sighted bow classes).

And this is Casey Kaufield shooting at the WA World Cup finals... using a nose kisser... you'd like to think if it was illegal someone might have mentioned it before she got to that point.

Though I am neither a lapsed, nor current judge, I do use one myself on my recurve and have never been called up on it.


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World Archery rule
In addition one attachment is permitted on the string to serve as a lip or nose mark. The serving on the string shall not end within the athlete’s vision at full draw. The bowstring shall not in any way assist aiming through the use of a peephole, marking, or any other means. This has been incorporated into AGB’s rules of shooting under Appendix F.