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I am wondering what the best numbers and letters that people use are?, I have seen very small very neat ones on some arrows but can't seem to find them on the internet any info would be appreciated.


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Just get a silver gel pen and write directly onto the shaft. Easy peasy!! Or if you have wraps, you can get them printed directly on, or use a fine Sharpie to write on the wrap.


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sharpie pens work great but if you want proper numbers i highly recommend quicks decals numbers and letters.

I got mine from bowsports years ago and the arrows that i attached these decals onto have never pealed off, there stuck on solid.

you can also buy white decal numbers and letters from merlin but not as good and within a few weeks they started to peal.


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I use a fine sharpie on my recurve carbons & ali's plus my wooden longbow arrows too - works really well.



Another vote for Arrowsocks, I use white on clear for my carbon shafts and black on clear for wooden, the clear backing just makes it look as if the lettering is printed on the arrow shaft. Like the others; Name, Club, Number. Incredibly quick service and real value for money.

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I like to do my own cresting on wooden arrows.

I use a sharpie for initials (before a quick coat of varnish). One set has the numbers on in binary, 4 bars of black and white will give you 1-16. Never been questioned by a judge, but I know which is which and other Geeks are happy.


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Big +1 for arrowsocks. I've had three sets so far and they're great - really fast turnaround and stick well. They're cheap too considering you get three dozen in each set


I’m in the process of making some longbow arrows and decided to make things a little more complicated for myself.
Being an occasional scale modeller too I’ve had a bit of a mess about on windows paint and printed some water slide decals for name ( in the iron maiden font) numbers and a rebel crest from Star Wars ( yup bit of a nerd) that have attached beautifully and will be finished with a dab of decal set, time will tell how well they last


Another +1 for Arrowsocks. Having a few sets of arrows, I marks the septs A, B, C etc. So an arrow's label looks like "Fred Bloggs A.4". Never had a problem with them coming off. And if you have specific needs, have a chat with them.


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Fine Sharpie (actually a CD-Writer pen) on wooden arrows - never had the ink run, even on the wettest of days.

I'm shooting NFAS mostly so only 3 at a time so I 'ring' 3 arrows with the pen and leave the rest unmarked until I need them (I never know which one is going to break first)


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Wow, gotta get me some Arrow Socks! I'm presently using those name and address labels the charities use to guilt one into sending donations. They wrap well around a 9mm shaft.