Odd results


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I have made six wooden arrows, as a first go. Simple pine dowels, self nocks, shop-bought fletchings and points. They are as uniform (in terms of weight, balance and so on) as I thought I could make them, and they all look similar.

However, when I shoot them four group well, one always goes high left, one always goes left. This from repeated grouping shoots at 10m, I haven't bothered going further with them.

I have numbered the arrows and the holes in the paper, so I am pretty confident that it's the arrows at fault, i.e. I select the arrows at random when I shoot, I've done it enough times to eliminate the effects of my no doubt faulty technique, and yet the misses appear to be consistent.

Where should I be looking for the fault?


How about the vein of the arrows, related to the nock ?
The spine varies with the angle. If I remember correctly, preferably parallel to the string.