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Hello All

I've been working on creating an online archery competition organiser.

I've got it up and running but looking for people who might want to try it out and give me some feedback. Check out the Facebook page and the website, then get in touch if you or someone you know wants to have a look.
If you're interested in trialling it at a competition, let me know and I will do all I can to help you with setting it up with you.
I'm based in the Exeter, Devon area, so I may be able to arrange coming along in person if you are near by.



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New update released today:
Team results for a competition.

You can now configure your teams for each competition and have the results automatically generated on the results screen.
All team results are based on archers from the same club making up team members.
Team size can be adjusted per competition, as well as adding a single restriction to the make up of the team.
For example:
A team can consist of at most 3 archers
With no more than one compound archer per team.
Or a team can be up to 5 archers
With at least 2 Longbow archers per team

Set the configuration you want on the competition screen and the results will be on the results screen as soon as the scores are entered.
Happy Shooting
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Been through quite a bit of work on this project, and have a couple of organisers using it and providing valuable feedback. I am seeking more people to use the system so let me know if you would be interested.

Some more updates have been released today, and over the past weeks a lot of improvements have been made including but not limited to:

A big improvement is the ability to print off target lists, but also to share the target list publicly, so that entrants can get a confirmation about which target the are set to shoot on.
Extra improvements are the increase in the size of the score entry boxes to allow 4 digit score to be shown, and to ease the entry of scores on a mobile, a number pad now allows easier entry of numbers for scores.
A field has been added to the entry form for entrants to add any notes they may have for the organiser to consider.

The competition entries screen shows a lot of entries on one page, and allows the organiser to accept and reject entries for their tournaments. The original form of this page required that the page be reloaded each time an entry was accepted or rejected. This was obviously not the most user friendly method of interacting with this page, and so I set about to improve this interaction.
Now in the latest update to the platform, the entries screen provides a better experience for the organiser. Gone is the need to reload the page each time an entry is accepted or rejected. Instead the change is done without a reload and the change is taken into account on the screen with the entry being moved to the appropriate section for the action performed.
So an organiser can click through as many entries as they have on the screen and see them being moved to the accepted or rejected sections. This makes it easier to cope with a large number of entries on this screen and saves the organiser time.

And just this week:
The online entry
form now closes after the date of the competition, so no more public entries can be submitted.
Added the ability to flag a score as DNS/DNF, and to have those scores that are flagged, labelled as such on the results screen.
Finally I have started adding some useful information onto the home screen dashboard, so that when an organiser logs in they can see the competitions that the have created, and for each competition it will show a count of the new archers that have created an entry.

Hopefully some more improvements will be coming along soon for the dashboard.

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Hello. I do hope everyone had a great holiday break.

I have added a few extra features over the last few weeks, and would like to share them with you now.

First I have made the header stick to the top of the screen, to make the navigation to the main areas of the site easier to access.

Totals have been added to the Entries Screen to show when a session may be getting full, information is provided about accepted, rejected and pending entry totals. This will allow the organiser to get an overview of the number of archers entered and allow easy calculation of how many spaces may be remaining.

The ability of the organiser to enter a payment method for the archer when creating an entry from the Archer Profile Screen. This will allow the organiser to record more information about the archers entry, if the archer did entered via a phone call or in an email.
Remember the public entry form already has this option available, so the archer can fill in the information, saving the organiser lots of time.

Finally the organiser now also has the ability to alter the payment method through the Entries Screen, via the Options Popup. This is also where additional notes about the archer can be found and edited.

That's all for now.

Look out for more updates in the new year.

Happy Shooting.

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Although I have been a little busy cycling around the South Island of New Zealand. I am still passionate about continuing development of my application.

I managed to fix a few small issues, and these are now live on the site.

Fixed: Scores not showing when competition configuration was not complete.
Fixed: Sessions not showing on entries screen when there are no entries.

Just a couple this time, as I find myself a little preoccupied.

If anyone is interested in trialling this archery competition management system, please get in touch.



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It has been a long time since I updated here, life gets in the way sometimes.

Although there hasn't been a lot of big changes, there have been lots of little updates, which all add up to making the system quite a bit different when using the site.

To that effect I have updated the help guide that can be found on the website with modified details on how the system can be used, in a step by step process from start to finish of running an archery competition.

If you are interested in trialling this system at your next competition, send me a message and I will help you through setting up an account and your first competition.

Running A Competition – Preparation


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Where do you download the app? (I can't immediately see any links on the pages).

Is this system actually an app, or a PC program?

Would it handle field scoring as well? (if not - do you have any plans for that?)

From a dev perspective (I'm a PHP dev), what's it built in?