Opticron Spotting Scopes - big thumbs up.


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For anyone in the market for a mid/upper end spotting scope, you should seriously consider something from Opticron. I recently bought one of their IS60 scopes, which got knocked over, landing pretty badly damaging the prisms inside. Opticron fixed the scope and returned it to me within 48 hrs, at no charge. And were thoroughly nice about it too.

So if you want a really good quality (British) scope, backed up by superb customer service, check em out. A few archery shops stock their gear including one of the shops that sponsors this site and has a sub forum of their own.


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Thanks for letting us know. I have had one of their scopes for about 10 years, and it has been knocked about a few times in that time period, so glad to know if anything goes wrong there is a good backup service.


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I've just bought a new IS60 ED scope. After the shop didn't believe it was faulty, a quick call and a couple of photo's sent to Stuart in Opticron service, clarified that it was duff. For some reason, I have got the only opticron scope in the world with the wrong eyepiece socket fitted to it. While I was there, I enquired about getting my old Opticron scope re gassed and the eyepiece serviced (it took one to many knocks) and prices were ?20 for a re gas and around ?50 to clean up and dry out the eyepiece. For info, a Lieca is around ?200 for a regas