Portsmouth (Recurve) PB


Scored 501 on a Portsmouth round the Friday before last, which is by far the best I've shot since the move indoors (my best and in fact only previous attempt was 459). I've only been shooting since May and finished my beginner course in July, although its safe to say I have been bitten by the bug and been putting in extra home practice when I can :) The folks at the club seemed quite impressed and I feel like when I'm shooting well, I can finally get some consistency.

Unfortunately immediately after putting that score in I've had a bout of illness (norovirus or something) which seems to have affected my muscles, and when I returned to shooting on Friday at times I was struggling to hold full draw :( Hopefully I'll build back up in time.


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Congrats on your 501. I completed my beginner course in July too, but not had the confidence to try a full round yet. Slowly working my way through the 252 challenge. Hope you're feeling better soon :eek:)