[Horsebow] Portsmouth score on Horsebow?

The one thing which bugs me is there is no GNAS category for horsebow. You can sometimes be allowed to shoot against longbows but it's not accorded the respect that other bows types receive. No wonder a lot of archers consider it their 'toy bow' when it comes to competitions there's not really much doing.

Similar in NFAS tbh - I shoot in 'Hunting Tackle' (my bow has carbon limbs (Samick Mind50) ), otherwise I think I could just about get away with 'Trad' (IIRC - although not sure). Shooting woods I'm definitely at a disadvantage in that category.


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This is only the 2nd time that I've used the Kaya so I'm expecting that this would improve a little. I'll try thumb draw next time.

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Strangely I've noticed very little improvement in my horsebow portsmouth scores. Checking my records, I have shot 7 rounds scoring between 335 and 367, with the 335 coming 4 days after the 367....