Post and Packing

Barry C

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I sold my compound bow to a gentleman. What is the best way to pack it to go in the post? I htought lots of bubble wrap... But if anyone has any experience or advice I would gladly accept it.

Little Miss Purple

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We sold 2 bows through ebay and used bubble wrap as you thought. 1 was in its case so we bubble wrapped that and put a layer of cardboard on to try to protect from bangs!!

It must have worked as we didn't hear anything to say it hadn't!


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Build a box out of cardboard and gaffer that is about half an inch bigger in all directions than the bow is. (NB: axle-to-axle length is NOT the length of a compound, I made that mistake first time) and pack it out with bubblewrap. If you pack it really tight the bow is cushioned, but can't rattle around.