Pre owned longbows


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Hello. I currently shoot a 56lb bow and want to increase the poundage to 65-70lbs. My plan is to buy a preowned bow to shoot with to see if im ok with the weight and then order a new 70lb plus yew bow after a season if all is well. Does this sound like a reaonable plan? Im finding it difficult to source a preowned bow of that weight. I dont want to buy blind online from ebay and ive had no reponses to enquiries at local tyneside clubs. Could anyone suggest where i can extend my search to? Are there any online archers resources i could look at? Thanks for reading.


Have you tried Archers of the Tees?

I believe this kind of weight bow comes up from time-to-time on FB .... but's what the diff, buying via FB
vs. Ebay - at least the latter gives some form of "protection".

& occasionally in the NFAS "small ads" (but you need to be a member to get the contact details).

Try Rich & Ray at Eagle Archery in Washington - they'll have plenty of (local) contacts.


There's a guy, Michael Brown, over Kielder Water way doing self ash longbows to 60# for ?80 (incl. bag) .... for a "throwaway" bow
this could be what you need ....

Word of warning though, i got an ash self bow a few years ago, 78", 75# .... but it started chrysalling within the first week
& developed a bit of a hinge .... different bowyer from above guy.

You don't say, but what's your budget? ... one of Rich & Ray's mates had a 65# a couple of years ago he was looking to part with,
he may still have it.

Have you considered the ASL approach to building up your weight? - you're more likely to get bow that lasts, doesn't take set or break as easily
& retains more residual value for the ultimate sell-on.