Precision Archery (Book)

Barry C

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This is a book?for recurve and compound. Don Rabska has a nice section and there is one or two good sections about compound form, but overall I think other books do a much better job. It's a bit jack of all trades master of none.

TJ Mason

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American Shoot
I thought it was outstanding when it came out last year, but I re-read it recently and it looks a bit patchy now. But I still think everyone who's serious about their archery needs a copy.

Like Barry says, Don Rabska's congtribution is the best bit, and the introduction by Rick McKinney is good too. The rest provides a (mainly) good overview of different aspects of our sport.

Barry C

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Yeah thats what i noticed, when i got it I thought it was amazing, but as newer titles have been published its been pushed aside.


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I read also the book and found some interesting stuff. This is not an outstanding book, but it may help archers who'd like to find keys for improvement in archery.