PSE Supra Max with different cams


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Hi all,

I have a 2015 Supra Max.

The lug that holds the cable on the top cam sheared off and now the bow is pretty much un-shootable.

PSE have said they won't make a cam for LH bow now.

Rather than throw my bow in the bin, can anyone enlighten me on what's involved in putting different cams on this bow?

E.g. could I buy a set of cams from another PSE bow (say Supra EXT) or something with a similar ATA length and the bow still shoot well?



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Nothing to stop you fitting different cams. There's even a name for it apparently. Frankenbow. I've only watched one video on YT but if the opportunity strikes I might be tempted to try it on my budget bow. Depending on axle diameter.

It strikes me that you'd have to be careful about how much limb compression the new cams would impart but, other than that, it's a case of making new strings and cables and working out brace height cam timing etc.

Whether you can be bothered, have the facilities and the bow shoots ok is another matter. 😃