Range Finder advice sort please


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I've been reading the threads on range finders and am still confused as to which is worth while.
Having looked on ebay (that wonderfully useful site :eek:ptimist:)
Are the cheaper monocular ones worth it?
What recommendations do people have?

I've looking for one to help out when setting courses.
Thanks guys


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I use a laser range finder for my golf, I think the best on the market at the moment is the Bushnell Tour V3, but it will cost you ?269 unless you can find a second hand one.



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hi I bought a bushnell bowhunter from the states off tbay so had to pay import duties, but it has an arc feature if your into field archery ie standing above your target, I've found it very accurate and did some tests at my club with the straw targets and the clubs measureing tape, found that the club measured to the front foot of the target whereas the rangefinder was taking its measurement from the gold, this can add nearly a metre dependant on where you place your feet by the line :) overall i'm happy with the rangfinder and would buy it again, its easy to use.Amazon.com: Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition 4x 20mm ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder: Sports & Outdoors


I bought the Nikon Forestry 550 so I can measure heights of structures, which I actually used more than rangefinding. Bought it 2nd hand of ebay. Be sure the piece you buy can handle the ranges you need, look at the manufacturers sites for the manuals, webshops & ebay sometimes give unrealistic specifications.