[American Flatbow] Raven or Elite Orel



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So after weeks of pondering and trying various bows of friends etc I think I've narrowed my AFB search down to a couple of bows to explore further (I.e see if can find a shop to try them out).

But I've found very few reviews on either bow let alone shops with them in stock:

- Bearpaw Bodnik Raven
- Buck Trail Elite Orel

Both bows seem to be on the mid to upper quality price level without going full custom.

Does anyone have any experience with either bow they could share or know of any reviews they can point me towards?

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Have a chat with "the wizard shop" as they stock the Raven. They also stock Buck Trail so they might be able to get you the Oriel. I had a superb Border Griffon GL; they might have something available if you fancy something made in the UK.


I had a similar problem trying to find reviews of the Buck Trail Falcon and Vulture AFBs. Especially, what makes one better than the other for the extra price. In the end I went to a shop and tried the Vulture. Liked it. Bought it. Wrote a review, so there's one out there now.


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Thanks all for the suggestions and especially the Anna Catling link... I?m an engineer so I loved the detail and charts!

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Glad you liked the link, I'm impressed with Bodnik bows, and the 30 year warranty is worth considering. If you google Anna Catling Bearpaw blog, you'll find a series of articles by her, I just linked to that one as it was the most relevant.