recovering from injury


Hi Guys

Ok so i am currently recovering from a motorcycle arm, that did a lot of damage to my arm ( its now more metal that bone from elbow to wrist)

for the past few of months i have been trying to rebuild ( started on 14lb limbs and built up slowly)

anyway, I was wondering, is it better to shoot lots of arrows with a weight you can handle, and build up that way, or to shoot less arrows with a heavier limb.

for example, i have been using the former, shooting a weight until i can manage 90 arrows for a couple of shoots in a row then increasing, till i got to 28 pound. out of curiosity, I thought I would try my 36lb uukas and only manged 30 (couple of days ago) then tried them today and manged 42....

So I was wondering what peoples opinions were

Timid Toad

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Light weight for good form, but heavy for muscle, so I would do some of both. Mostly train and compete on the light limbs, but once a week a short stint on the heavier ones.