Recurve packs as back quiver ?


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Can you keep a recurve pack on your back to use as a quiver while you shoot?

Is it comfortable, does it affect slightly or badly your shooting position?

Considering you are drawing from the arrow tube that goes with the bag, is it even doable?

What about left/right position of the arrow tube, what recurve-pack offers the possibility to choose the side? (Seems left side is more frequent)

What recurve pack would be compact enough to do this?

Share your experiences with this idea.
Thank you.


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The recurve bags I often see are a bit bulky and the tubes are often rather high on the back which would make the arrows difficult to reach, but could work.


You might be waiting a while - I've never seen anyone try to shoot with a backpack still on. My main concern would be getting good clearance. The straps are heavily padded and go right where your chestguard comes over your shoulder. So it might be possible but you might have to sacrifice shooting form to do it.