Sad News - Bob Gunther

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I've just been told that Bob Gunther passed away last night. :weepy:

He was known to me as the man who taught me how to shoot. He ran the target club that I started with. He was also the man who first put a longbow into my hand and showed me how to use it. He introduced me to field archery, and inspired me to become a coach, as he was an excellent coach to me. He was firmly of the belief that target or field, longbow recurve or compound we are all archers and all forms of the sport are equally valid and important. A belief that I wished more people shared.

Other people here may have known him as a judge, he judged in both field and target archery. He used to tell me that those who couldn't do taught, and those who couldn't teach judge. Well he could shoot, teach and judge all to a very high standard.

I don't know what else to say at the moment. Bob was a perfect gentleman, and he will be sorely missed.


English Bowman

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I have a message from Bob Gunther's family.

His funeral will be at St Peter's Church. North Hayling PO11 0RX on Wednesday 15th July at 12:00. There will be a wake afterwards and all who knew him are welcome.

Rather than buying flowers the family would rather a donation was made to the Woodland Trust website.

They particularly liked the idea of dedicating a piece of woodland in Bob?s memory as he spent so much time in the countryside in pursuit of his archery.

If this is something that any of you feel that they might like to do, then to go to Woodland Trust Dedications The fund reference is 100577

Or you can go to Woodland Trust Online Shop and then search for Gunther under ?Group Funds?.
Hope this is all crystal clear...!