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Hi all

just bought a new agulla with 36lb universal limbs, tried it out today a big improvment over my old bow. smoother and better grouping,just a couple of questions the plastic handle is a bit loose have to adjust it after each arrow ,whats the best way to secure it to the riser?
also has adjustable weight does this mean it can be made heavier or lighter and by how much?
cheers Chris.


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If I were you I'd take the riser back to where you bought it...if you bought it used, I'd try some threadlock on the screw threads....

as for adjustment (this is a guess) +/- 5-10% of marked 32 - 38 pounds or so



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I owned an aguilla for a few months, great intermediate bow. The plastic handle was also loose but a bit of double sided sticky tape along the inside fixed that. After a while you may want to consider a wooden grip. If i remeber right the bow can be adjusted by about 3lb each way, but not sure its been a while.


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If it's a metal screw going into a metal thread then threadlock is the way to go. If the female thread is in some sort of plastic or resin then you will need something like a TINY amount of araldite on the thread of the screw. DON'T use too much or you will never get it out again. Superglue will work for a while but as it (the glue) is very brittle it will fail in time and need to be reapplied every so often.


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First bow I bought and did me well for a bit (still have it ;)) - grip came loose every so often, put it down to heavier limbs. A drop (and that is all it needs) of poundshop threadlock and the problems gone :)



I had an Agula, as far as I remember the grip dosent have any screws and there is just a piece of doublesided sticky tape inside and you have to peal and stick yourself.......

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I loved my agulla, the hande should have been held on by a screw either side, mine only had one screw, but I never had a problem with it ever lossening, but I have a habit of doing things up very tight, maybe some PTFE tape around the screw(s) before you do it up?


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Mine very definitely has a screw either side - albeit hex headed. Perhaps later ones corrected an early problem?


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just bought a new agulla with 36lb universal limbs
Hi arrow flinger, I have the same setup and I have found silicon sealer on the ridge where the original double sided tape was and around the inside edge of the handle solves the loose handle problem. The silicon also dampens the bow shock to a degree. :)