Scope lens

Any suggestions on a scope Len’s manufacturer for a 13/4 inch scope
Do I go for glass or polymer
i really cannot justify spending over £90 on one


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Just a thought but have you tried Specsavers or similar? They fitted single vision prescription lenses to my cycling glasses for £39. They would just need to know the dioptre and the size.


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I bought a couple of cheap 1 3/4 ebay lenses from China They are cheap as chips and I used them to decide on the strength of lens I wanted in my 3D set-up, it meant I could switch between them on the course and finally settle on the power I wanted before dropping the money on a Feather Vision. The two ebay lenses cost me a total of £30 and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were for the money. OK the Feather vision is in a different league, but always worth a try while you save for a top end lens. In fact I broke our course record on 40 NFAS 3D targets using the 4X chinese lens with an 888,
Thanks all I had a Chinese 4x Len’s in I wanted something better without breaking the bank. I took Shirts advice and contacted Clive at Smith and Varley tel 02476413958 he as lenses made from MR8 1.6 coated this turns out to be latest and best plastic Len’s material delivered cost £25. It certainly a big improvement in clarity in a dim environment