Serves me right?!


My first competition back yesterday, went exactly as it should have. The fact that I even mentioned shooting an arrow off of the top of my button in my last post, and how I didn?t win a competition because of it, means that of course, that was how this was going to go. I even said in the post that ?I find that now, I always check that my arrow is on the rest properly while positioning my hand in the grip.? What a ###.

Actually I really do check the arrow. But on that end/shot I found myself slightly distracted by the archer in front of me. The young lad wasn?t doing anything wrong or strange, his arrows were quite long and his arrow rest was a little low so the arrow was only just touching. On that end the first shot went nine left. The next wouldn?t go through the clicker, so I came down. Tried again without checking it, it still took a bit of effort to get through but I forced it a little and shot it anyway. Seeing it flick up and hit a few inches above the target slightly to the right. Perfect position for having shot off of the button.

Up until then i?d really enjoyed it. The slightly excited slightly nervous drive to the shoot was a nice familiar feeling. Turning up and seeing familiar faces, and having a nice catch up with Simon Bunker was great. Really did feel like old times. Simon was back after 4-5 years away having felt a bit burned out by archery and especially club politics. Being on the same target was great, him A and me B.

Felt quite nervous before and during sighters. I don't remember ever feeling this nervous before a shoot, especially a local indoor one. I wondered if i'd put too much emphasis on it. Anyway, my sighters were ok, a little right to start with. All three in the 10 for my second end which settled me down a bit. First scoring end was a little shaky with 9, 9, 9. Settled into it quite well for the first three dozen with 115, 117, 116. A solid 58 for the next half dozen. Of course, I started thinking about a nice 580 plus score.

Shot a 10, 9, 9 next end? then had the end with the miss. Felt really stupid. Frustrating as hell because I haven?t shot an arrow off the rest literally since the county champs in March 2017, not at all in the hundreds and hundreds of arrows shot in practise in between. The next end which was the first of the last dozen was a very shaky 9, 9, 8? followed by 9, 9, 9 for 53. Pulled it together a bit for the last couple of ends and finished with 564.

Simon shot quite well, on course for what he wanted with 555. Shahram somehow scored 570 with two 7?s and a 5! So the rest of his round must have been impressive. I don?t yet know what anyone else scored but figured I was probably in second or third place after the first session. I haven?t seen the results yet, they usually come out after a couple of days.

Jamie popped down as I was packing up and I had a chat with him and Derek Bett before heading home.

Apart for the silly miss, it was just good to be back shooting properly. Already looking forward to shooting again this week.