Shibuya DX Button


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4 out of 5 rating for Shibuya DX Button

This is a pretty simple button but very well made.

In the package (a ziplock envelope) you will find:
- the button itself (as in the picture);
- two Allen keys, one for the three 3mm grubs that keep things in one piece and one for the central screw (on the right side of the picture);
- A spare plastic plunger;
- Two springs, one black (the stiffest one) and one yellowish (the softest one).
- A leaflet with instructions.

The button comes assembled with an intermediate stiffness (silver) spring and a golden tipped plunger.

I have read some comments on the metal tip plunger (in this Forum) stating this plunger must be used with aluminum shafts and the plastic one with carbon shafts. However I have been using the metal tip only for years with every arrow without any issue. Long ago I tried the plastic plunger but found it worn too fast. I never tried it again but from the looks of DXes I bought more recently the material seems to be the same. I see no reason to use it but for a spare in an emergency.

Other than the aforementioned plastic plunger the quality of the materials used in the button is very good and it is mechanically precise. The last DX I bought came with stainless steel grubs so they are even better as far as rust is concerned (though I did not have rust problems with the older ones).

The button adjust is simple (or complicated, depending on one's preferences - it lacks the convenience of a micro click adjust of the spring stiffness.) You just loosen a grub, adjust whatever you want and tighten it. You do it on the collar to set centre shot, and on the button head (the grub closest to the central screw) to set the spring stiffness. There is a second grub in the head to remove it so that one can replace the spring and/or the plunger.

Several stores sell the plunger with the metallic tip so one can have spares. However, in many years using it I never had to replace one. I had only one issue with this plunger (I believe with one of the newest DXes I bought): the tip unscrewed from the plastic base. A drop of thread lock fixed it ever since.

Pricewise it is not the cheapest and it may be found to be a little expensive, considering how simple it is. However it is the kind of item that one will buy once and just forget it. For those that do not bother having to deal with the Allen keys to make adjusts, it is a good choice.

To summarize:

1- Very well made.
2- Simple.
3- Reliable
4- Good cost/benefit.

1- Not the easiest to adjust.

Hope this helps.



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5 out of 5 rating for Shibuya DX Button

Bought mine second-hand off ebay with my first archery kit 4 years ago. Bought a new gold tip for it a couple of years ago when I changed my riser and limbs. Set it up then and have never touched it since.

It's simple, straightforward and works. Doesn't fall apart like some cheaper and more expensive ones I've seen. Doesn't stick like some cheaper ones do. If I ever need to replace my button, I'll get another Shibuya DX, but I don't think that will be necessary for a long time.